How to add related products to your Squarespace website or online shop

How to add related products to your Squarespace website or online shop

Squarespace’s e-commerce platform is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the online space, and as a web designer/developer and digital product creator, this is great news!

It’s super easy to set up an online store or e-commerce shop on any Squarespace website - seriously, you can start selling products/services on your website in just a few clicks. The ease and functionality of Squarespace’s e-commerce platform has helped thousands of brands and businesses launch successfully, in all sorts of industries and niches.

As robust as Squarespace’s commerce platform is, however, there are still a few features that aren’t built in…yet. Certain features or display settings must be set up manually.

Adding related products is probably the the most common Squarespace commerce “hack” and it’s definitely the one I set up most often on my clients’ websites.

Whenever a brand or business sells products on their Squarespace website, I always recommend that they add related products to each product through the product description/summary field.

There are a few reasons for this but it comes down to two main benefits:

  1. Improved user experience for the online shopper

  2. Facilitating up-sells or cross-sales of other (related) products

Think about it: if someone is browsing your online shop for the first time and they’re interested in a particular item, don’t you want to make it dead simple for them to shop more related/relevant items? Heck yeah you do!

If you put the right items in front of them, stats show that you will increase the value of each order placed - meaning they’re more likely to purchase multiple items via your related item prompts than if they only saw the original product item. Not only does this improve the conversion rate of your website, it also brings in extra revenue.💰The numbers don’t lie, folks :)

The related products you showcase can be different things:

  • similar products from the same category (e.g., another T-shirt, natural lotion, spreadsheet template, whatever) -

  • a product from a similar collection (e.g., a T-shirt to go with the baseball hat)

  • an up-sell product (these are typically products that are more profitable, more expensive or higher quality)

At the end of the day, these related products compliment each other and are proven to boost the average order value. #winning.

Best of all, it’s super easy to set this up on your own Squarespace website and will definitely pay off.

Ready to add related products to your Squarespace website or online shop? That’s music to my ears - you can either read this blog post to see all the steps laid out or else watch the video tutorial below.

Alright, let’s take a look!

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Click play or watch the video tutorial on Youtube

How to add related products to your Squarespace website

To begin, log into your Squarespace website and click “Commerce from the dashboard.

  • Click “Inventory”

  • Select a Product and open the Edit Product details

  • Click over to the “Additional Info” tab

  • Insert a Summary block (I recommend using either Carousel or Grid)

  • Select Products

  • Customize the Layout tab (e.g., change Header text to “Related Products” or “Customers also bought/like”) and select the number of items per row (recommend 3 items/row)

  • Customize the Display tab

  • Click Save

Remember that you’ll have to repeat this process and set up related products manually for each product in your online shop - but trust me, it’s an easy process and totally worth it!

Final Thoughts

Adding related products to your Squarespace website or online shop is super easy and it’s a great hack that I definitely recommend you do, especially if you’re looking to sell more items and increase the value of each order!

Cross-selling and up-selling through related posts can be a real money maker so don’t knock this extra step when you’re setting up your Squarespace shop.

From my own experience working with various clients who sell products in a variety of industries, I’ve seen great results once we’ve added this small feature. Not only do related products lead to more overall item sales, it also increased the value of many orders - meaning more money in my client’s bank accounts. Cha-chinggggg!

Now it’s your turn to tell me, do you sell products on your Squarespace website? Have you added related products? Have you seen it impact your sale and order amounts? I’d love to know so leave me a note in the comments below!


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