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Have you set up a Google My Business profile to go with your Squarespace website?

Coming in HOT to talk about one of the most glorious, exciting and thrilling administrative tasks related to your Squarespace website…. setting up a Google My Business profile!

LOL ok so maybe it isn’t actually the most fun thing that you’ll do today but trust me, it’s a small task that will have undeniable results.

It has come to my attention that many/most people don’t even know about Google My Business (unsurprising, tbh), let alone understand how important it is to set up. Whether your business has a physical address or exists purely online, this is a digital feature that should always be set up along with any website and/or business.

So, as part of my role as your Squarespace SEO BFF, I’m here to educate you on this tech tip. I want to be sure that you are totally clear on how to set up a Google My Business profile to go with your Squarespace website and understand the value it has for online marketing, SEO and growing your digital presence.

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Here's why every services based business needs an SEO strategy

Websites aren’t a “one size fits all” type of thing. Depending on what type of website you have, your needs and priorities are going to be totally different. Think about a lifestyle blog vs an e-commerce company vs a services based business… they all have websites but each one is going to look and feel unique.

Most of my clients are services-based business owners. I’d say about half of them run their businesses entirely online and rarely work with in-person clients, whereas the other half serve local clients and rely on their website to serve as their “online home”.

In both cases, these services-based business use their websites as a way to connect with their (potential, current and past) clients and customers, and promote their offerings online.

Services based businesses serve a whole variety of industries - we’re talking law firms, accountants, engineers, plumbers, florists, personal trainers, coaches, photographers, consultants, PR pros, social media managers, graphic designers, gardeners, dog walkers, psychics, bakeries, physiotherapists - you name it, the list goes on.

Some of these services must be performed in person (e.g., dog walkers, massage therapists, gardeners, etc.) but others can be done either in-person OR online/remotely (e.g., consultants, personal trainers, graphic designers, etc.).

Services based businesses can be one-off projects or ongoing, recurring services…. really, the sky’s the limit and there’s a huge amount of flexibility in services-based business models!

Almost all services based businesses, however, have a website. At this point, it’s pretty much a requirement because hardly anyone (except your granny) is going old school and looking up businesses in a physical phone book. Yes, we still rely on word of mouth and recommendations from our friends and family, but the trend is increasingly to connect with businesses online. More often than not, we check out a business’ website and then get in touch if we want to work with them.

But having a website doesn’t guarantee that potential clients and customers will find out about your business- far from it, in fact. All websites are not created equally!

That’s where SEO comes it - SEO can act as the perfect bridge between a website (think: business) and an online audience (think: future clients/customers).

I truly believe that every services based business needs an SEO strategy. Not only can SEO help grow your website, it also connects you to a much wider online audience who can potentially become paying clients and customers. Which, if you’re running a services based business, is the ultimate goal!

Today we’re going to cover the most important reasons why every services based business needs an SEO strategy, whether that website is on Squarespace or another platform.

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Understanding your website’s bounce rate

Bounce rate.

If you’ve ever tinkered around in Google Analytics or spent time reading up on SEO, you might have come across the term ‘bounce rate’. But, I think we can agree that it’s not exactly the easiest term to understand.

What does bounce rate mean? How do you find it? Does it affect your website’s rankings?

These are all valid questions and once you understand the metric, you’ll be able to apply it to your own website strategy.

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Everything you need to know about Squarespace Analytics

Squarespace is my favourite website platform for many reasons but one of the points that I keep coming back to is just how intuitively the features are laid out. Most people who opt for a Squarespace website are looking for a one-and-done platform and in this area, Squarespace delivers. There's no fiddling with extra plugins or add on features, hardly any code to add or adjust, and almost anything you want to do can be achieved within a few simple clicks through the Squarespace backend. 

Analytics are one of the most fun features to play around in with Squarespace, especially for a data nerd like myself. The sky is the limit when it comes to reviewing your website's trends, visitor behaviour and to see what's working and what isn't in your business. Not only does Squarespace provide a veritable goldmine of information, it's layout is beyond simple to use and navigate which is another win in my book. 

Today I'm going to walk you through the Squarespace Analytics features and give you an overview of how it's all set up in the backend. As you get more familiar with the analytics, you'll have a better understanding of who your audience is, what they're viewing on your site and what they're most interested in.


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