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How to add and style a popup on your Squarespace website - video tutorial

There's a reason why your favourite websites hit you with a popup - because they work. Really well.

Love 'em or hate 'em, popups are here to stay. Not only are popups an effective way to collect emails to grow your list (which you should start asap, if you haven't already!), they can also be used to advertise and notify visitors of a promotion, or even drive traffic to specific content/pages on your website.

Web design has advanced a lot in recent years and popups have become less intrusive, which is a #win for everyone on the internet. Squarespace's built-in popup feature is fully customizable and lets you choose between different layouts and styles. Branding is seamless and you also have full control over where and how the popup appears on your website. 

Now that popups are designed to be less "in your face" and they no longer butcher the user experience of a website, they're a design element that I totally get behind.

If you're curious about adding a popup to your Squarespace website, I hope this video tutorial shows you how easy they are to create and just how much customization is available to you!

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Advertising on your website - is it worth it?

One of the more exciting aspects of running a website is when you start to think about monetizing your site. More often than not, the first think you'll think about is making money through advertising. Oh yes, my friends. Today we are going to talk cold hard cash and I know that's got you pumped.

Believe it or not, however, this discussion is about way more than just money. It offers a very insightful look into your business strategy, says a lot about how you run your website and also how you want your audience to interact with the website.

Including advertising on a website used to be pretty darn popular. Almost everyone seemed to sign up for an ad network once they reached a somewhat respectable audience size.

So has that changed? This article explores that question and also examine why websites are trending away from advertising.

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