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How to have a website on the side without getting fired from your day job

Having a website is all the rage right now. It seems like everyone and their cat runs a website, has a blog, or is growing an online presence in some way or another. There’s no shortage of projects to work on or ways to tinker around on the internet, and a website is one of the most obvious ways to do that.

I’m a huge fan of people having their own website, whether it’s for business or personal reasons. Maybe it's a lifestyle blog, a portfolio, a place to write about your thoughts on current events, or a way to share stories of your life with others. Your website could also be part of a bigger side hustle, for example if it’s an e-commerce site, a place to sell your services, a monthly membership site, whatever - the sky is the limit. Side websites can act as a creative outlet but they can also turn into lucrative side-hustle when done properly.

I know loads of people who work a regular 9-5 and have a website that they run on the side and let me say, I friggin’ LOVE that. Own your place on the internet, yo! 

But if you do decide to work a regular job AND run a website on the side, make sure you do it right and don't get fired! Take a look at things to consider so that both can coexist happily from here on out.

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