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Setting up business information on your Squarespace website

Hey there hunnis, happy Thursday! Another glorious summer week is wrapping up, I hope you’re getting excited for the weekend like I am :)

WELCOME BACK to Day 14 (!!!) of the Live Video Training Extravaganza, we’re at it again with another week of free live video trainings and I am so excited to continue sharing this content with you! Week 3, hot dang.

Quick summary: every day for the past 2.5 weeks, I’ve hosted a free live video training over on my Youtube channel and shared those replays here on the blog.

This Live Video Training Extravaganza was supposed to be a 1-week-and-done situation but honestly, it’s been so much fun that I wasn’t ready to stop quite yet… so I decided to continue these live video trainings into this week too. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

So we’re back at it again and you can watch even more of these daily lessons as I keep creating content for you!

This morning’s video was glorious (duh) and I know you’ll get lots of out the info I shared, whether you’re doing the whole DIY thing on your Squarespace website or if you’ve worked with a web designer/developer and want to make sure that you fully understand all the settings in place on your website.

In today’s video training, we talked about setting up business information for your Squarespace website.

Whether you’re a bricks & mortar business that has a physical location with real hours of operation, or you’re more of an online services based business, or even a blogger, everyone’s gotta have some sort of contact and business information on their website!

But depending on what your needs are and how you serve your online audience, clients and customers, that business information might be displayed differently or more thoroughly.

I’m sharing these business information settings and suggestions with you and fully explaining how they work because many people miss out on this step, or aren’t taking full advantage of all the ways they can improve user experience by including the business information on their website. Common mistake but totally avoidable!

Alright, that’s enough intro for one video… let’s get to the goods.

Click the live video training replay below to watch now!

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