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10 of my favourite ways to celebrate the launch of a new website

A new website, you say? Yaaas kween, yaaas!

You put in the hours and are now the proud owner of a brand new website. Your business has an online home and you should be thrilled that you made it happen! Kudos, my friend.

Getting your new website up and running is just the tip of the iceberg because once it’s live, the real fun begins. Now you get to share the exciting news with your audience (even if it’s just your best friend or pet, we’ve all gotta start somewhere) and celebrate in style. You spent loads of time and money on your new website and you want to make sure that you kick things off with a bang, am I right!?

I’ve worked with loads of clients on their new websites at this point and I always love seeing how creative they are in celebrating the launches. There are loads of ways to celebrate the launch of your website and let everyone know that the latest version is live, and these 10 tips and ideas are some of my favourite! 

Tell me, how will you celebrate your new site?

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