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Do these 7 things to instantly improve Squarespace SEO

Ahhh, SEO.

Those three little letters are enough to cause panic, doubt and frustration in most website owners around. And for good reason, I might add!

We all want more eyes on our Squarespace websites, but once the basic settings have been taken care of, what should you focus on next? 

I'm here to guide you through 7 things you can work on TODAY that will instantly improve Squarespace SEO because I want to make that super easy for you.

These tips are meant to be actionable steps you can actually do yourself, because I have zero interest in making you feel overwhelmed or like I'm adding extra work to your plate. SEO takes time and effort but trust me, it pays off.

Once you start working your way through these points, you'll see great improvements to your Squarespace website's SEO in no time at all! And once that's covered, you'll be able to move onto more advanced SEO strategies while feeling confident that you've got the basics covered.

Pull up a seat and open your notebook, it's time to get started!

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Everything you need to know about permalinks and Squarespace SEO

SEO is an art, not a science, but I've seen many websites get incredible results simply by following a few best practices.

One of the best and easiest ways to improve SEO for your Squarespace website is by setting up permalinks in the best way possible.

Permalinks are also known as URL slugs, and they are one of the factors of good SEO that many people overlook. If they only knew how valuable good permalink structure was, I know they would give it the attention it deserves!

Permalinks don't have the most riveting reputation but they are an element of website development that should never be ignored, especially if you are focused on growing your website through SEO.

I'm going to introduce you to permalinks (aka URL slugs), explain why they are so important, and let you in on the best practices for setting up permalinks for SEO success.

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