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Interview with for their "Coworkers of the World" Series

I was recently interviewed by for their "Coworkers of the World" series and I'm excited to share that conversation with you!

Coworker connects people and coworking spaces all over the world, and it's a fabulous resource for freelancers, solopreneurs, small businesses and basically anyone who's looking for a place to work out of. I also love their focus on finding and building a community wherever you go!

As a "digital nomad"/location independent business owner, I'm very familiar with which is why I'm pumped to share this interview with you today. 

We talked about my favourite coworking spaces around the globe, current and upcoming projects, morning routines, influential books and podcasts, and a whole lot more!

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Five different ways to grow your website

If you've taken the time to build a website and put your ideas and business out into the world, I'm going to guess that you want people to actually visit your site.

Odds are you didn't spend all that time, effort and money for nothing!

Most websites have a goal in mind, and that's to GROW. They want to increase traffic to their site and build up an audience who is ready to consume their content, purchase their products and sign up for their services. 

Having a larger audience is desirable for pretty much all types of websites. From hobby bloggers to professional businesses, we all want a wider reach to share our ideas, have a bigger impact and even do a better job at monetization.

Whether you're starting out with a brand new website or looking to take your site to the next level, there are different ways you can get new and more eyes on your site. If the same old "growth tactics" haven't been working for you so far, you might have more luck thinking outside of the box!

Let's take a look!

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Why Site Traffic is Worth your Attention [Plus a Bonus Guide on Ways to Increase It]

As an online entrepreneur, I am lucky enough to connect with people everyday across a variety of industries. We get to talk shop and share our thoughts on tech trends, insights, best practices and the value that websites bring to businesses. This is something I hugely enjoy and appreciate...except when I hear people preaching bad advice!

By now you know that as a writer and web developer, my number one goal is to help people build websites for their businesses that are as profitable, simple and effective as they can be. There is a lot of information out there, a lot of which is out of date or totally off the mark, and it can be tough to figure out who to trust.

If you want a website that captures the attention and interest of new visitors, drives sales and simplifies communications, you must design and build a website that meets your needs.

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