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The Reading List for April / May 2018

Remember at the start of the year how I announced that one of my goals was to read more? I started strong back in January and I'm proud to say that I've kept it up the past few months! 

Reading is something that I love doing and, for the most part, I have no problem powering through the latest thriller or mystery. Take a look at my March 2018 recap to see what I mean haha! I am a fiction junkie and once I find an author or series that I enjoy, there’s no stopping me.

Last year, however, I realized I wasn't putting aside as much time as I’d like to read non-fiction books that will help my business, mindset and continuing education. And that’s a damn shame because I enjoy those books too!

If you're looking for books to read over the next few weeks that will positively impact your business, I hope these recommendations tickle your fancy! 

Let's take a look.

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