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Setting up business information on your Squarespace website

Hey there hunnis, happy Thursday! Another glorious summer week is wrapping up, I hope you’re getting excited for the weekend like I am :)

WELCOME BACK to Day 14 (!!!) of the Live Video Training Extravaganza, we’re at it again with another week of free live video trainings and I am so excited to continue sharing this content with you! Week 3, hot dang.

Quick summary: every day for the past 2.5 weeks, I’ve hosted a free live video training over on my Youtube channel and shared those replays here on the blog.

This Live Video Training Extravaganza was supposed to be a 1-week-and-done situation but honestly, it’s been so much fun that I wasn’t ready to stop quite yet… so I decided to continue these live video trainings into this week too. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

So we’re back at it again and you can watch even more of these daily lessons as I keep creating content for you!

This morning’s video was glorious (duh) and I know you’ll get lots of out the info I shared, whether you’re doing the whole DIY thing on your Squarespace website or if you’ve worked with a web designer/developer and want to make sure that you fully understand all the settings in place on your website.

In today’s video training, we talked about setting up business information for your Squarespace website.

Whether you’re a bricks & mortar business that has a physical location with real hours of operation, or you’re more of an online services based business, or even a blogger, everyone’s gotta have some sort of contact and business information on their website!

But depending on what your needs are and how you serve your online audience, clients and customers, that business information might be displayed differently or more thoroughly.

I’m sharing these business information settings and suggestions with you and fully explaining how they work because many people miss out on this step, or aren’t taking full advantage of all the ways they can improve user experience by including the business information on their website. Common mistake but totally avoidable!

Alright, that’s enough intro for one video… let’s get to the goods.

Click the live video training replay below to watch now!

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5 ACTIONABLE things to do if you dread working on your website

Welcome to Day 1 of my live video training extravaganza!

Beginning today (Monday June 29, 2019), I will be doing a live video training over on my Youtube channel every day this week and then sharing the replays here on the blog.

I just wrapped up Day 1’s video and OMG it was so much fun and I can’t wait for you to check it out!

This topic is something that comes up allllll the time with my clients, email newsletter subscribers and blog posts readers and I am excited to share my thoughts with you here today.

We’re talking about 5 ACTIONABLE and real things you can do if you dread working on your website.

Might seem like a random topic to kick things off with but trust me, this will give you the loving kick in the pants to actually get started on all those website updates you’ve been meaning to make. And as we go through the next couple of daily live video trainings, you can always refer back to this video if you need some motivation or encouragement to GSD ;)

Ready to dive right in?

Click the live video training replay below to watch now!

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Can SEO really drive more leads for your services-based business?

I’ve written before about why every services-based business needs an SEO strategy and I was happy to see that that blog post struck a chord with my of my readers. I received quite a few comments and emails about that blog post - people liked the post but they wanted to learn more about how to actually APPLY that strategy.

The number one question I received was “How can I use SEO to drive more sales/book more discovery calls for my services-based business?”. Fantastic question and I’m super excited to answer that in today’s follow up blog post!

Most of my clients are services-based business owners. I’d say about half of them run their businesses entirely online and rarely work with in-person clients, whereas the other half serve local clients and rely on their website to serve as their “online home”.

In both cases, these services-based business use their websites as a way to connect with their (potential, current and past) clients and customers, and promote their offerings online.

Services based businesses serve a whole variety of industries - we’re talking law firms, accountants, engineers, plumbers, florists, personal trainers, coaches, photographers, consultants, PR pros, social media managers, graphic designers, gardeners, dog walkers, psychics, bakeries, physiotherapists - you name it, the list goes on.

Some of these services must be performed in person (e.g., dog walkers, massage therapists, gardeners, etc.) but others can be done either in-person OR online/remotely (e.g., consultants, personal trainers, graphic designers, etc.).

Services based businesses can be one-off projects or ongoing, recurring services…. really, the sky’s the limit and there’s a huge amount of flexibility in services-based business models!

Almost all services based businesses, however, have a website. At this point, it’s pretty much a requirement because hardly anyone (except your granny) is going old school and looking up businesses in a physical phone book. Yes, we still rely on word of mouth and recommendations from our friends and family, but the trend is increasingly to connect with businesses online. More often than not, we check out a business’ website and then get in touch if we want to work with them.

But having a website doesn’t guarantee that potential clients and customers will find out about your business- far from it, in fact. All websites are not created equally! Different types of websites work in different ways. The requirements and strategy for a services-based business website is going to be totally different from a e-commerce shop or website that sells digital/physical products. Not only will the look & feel of these websites be different, so too will the SEO strategy and goals.

SEO can act as the perfect bridge between a website (think: business) and an online audience (think: future clients/customers). It’s the pathway that warms up a potential client to inquire about your service and ultimately book you out.

You already know that I’m a firm believer that every services based business needs and SEO strategy and beyond that, I know that SEO can directly drive leads and grow your business. SEO will help grow your website but it also connects you to a much wider online audience who can potentially become paying clients and customers. Which, if you’re running a services based business, is the ultimate goal!

In this blog post, I’m going to show you exactly how SEO can drive leads for your services-based business. Whether your website is on Squarespace or another platform, the goals and outcome will be the same.

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How to up-level your business offerings and charge more for your services as a website designer

Hello hello! We’re mixing things up with today’s blog post by shining the spotlight on two students from my Top Squarespace SEO course because I am so proud of them that I could burst. This isn’t any old “case study” either, instead it’s my chance to shamelessly share (read: flaunt) the achievements of my students, support their business growth and plant some ideas in YOUR head about how you too can reach the next level with your tech skills and online business.

Alright, without further ado, I want you to meet Michelle from Perspective Studio and Patricia from ZUK Design Studio.

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