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March 2018 Recap

Gather round, my friends, because today marks the start of a new series on the blog! From here on out, I plan to share a monthly recap post to give my readers a “behind the scenes” look at my business and life. 

Up until now I’ve kept the content on my blog strictly professional, focusing on web design & development, Squarespace and business tips. It has been working out well so far but I was thinking about how I want you to get to know me better. 

I love getting little glimpses of the personal lives of my fellow business owners and entrepreneurs because it helps me feel like I know them as real people, not just as peers or someone I look up to. Have you ever heard of the know, like and trust factor? Yep, it’s real.
As such, I’m looking forward to sharing the ups and downs of running a website and building an online business with you every month! These recap posts are going to be a mix of business and life away from the computer screen and I hope you enjoy them and get a better feel for who I am :)

Let’s dive right in.

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