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9 Creative Ways to Use Squarespace's Announcement Bar

The announcement bar is one of my favourite marketing features that’s built into Squarespace’s platform.

It’s an easy and effective way to customize a website and make sure that visitors are presented with important information.

There are so many creative ways you can use Squarespace’s announcement bar but ultimately it comes down to promoting a specific call-to-action (CTA). It’s a wonderful way to get that information in front of your audience right off the bat, on every page of your website.

You can set it up in a few simple clicks but the real fun begins when you start customizing your message. Get creative and have fun with it!

Let’s take a look.

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Here’s why you should avoid keyword stuffing if you want to master Squarespace SEO

Ahhhh, keyword stuffing.

As a web designer and Squarespace SEO expert, I see so many website and small business owners making this mistake without realizing that they’re even doing something wrong, and it makes me weep for them.

Look, I get it.

Most websites act as an online “home” for a business, they’re basically a digital presence and a way to share information about products/services/offerings. SEO can take things to the next level but it can also be confusing as heck, especially if you’re a newbie or not technically inclined. In so many cases, the person who built or runs the website probably isn’t an expert. They’re figuring things out as they go, trying to learn and implement whatever they can to improve their website and reach more of their ideal audience.

SEO is hugely valuable because it’s basically free marketing, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to master!

Keywords are a key pillar to SEO but they can be hard to understand, let alone use and incorporate effectively on a website.

That’s why I’m so keen to share this post with you today so that you can learn all about keyword stuffing and avoid it like the SEO killer that it is.

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What are keywords and how do they relate to Squarespace SEO?

Not to toot my own horn but as far as the internet is concerned, I’m the “go to girl” for Squarespace SEO. This means that I get to talk about this topic day in, day out. Good thing I like it haha!

Every day, I work with website and business owners to grow their websites, reach their ideal clients/customers, improve their conversion rates, and generally make more money online. SEO is amazing because it’s basically free marketing, but that doesn’t mean that you can expect amazing results without learning what’s going on!

A key component of SEO is keywords, and for some strange reason this term & concept sparks fear in the hearts of so many of you.

I’ve noticed that many people are irrationally resistant to learning about keywords or understanding how the role they play in Squarespace SEO, which is why I’m glad that you’re here reading this blog post today. It means that you’re ready to make sense of the subject and take total ownership of the keywords on your Squarespace website. It won’t be long before I’ve got you convinced that keywords aren’t all that daunting, hard or scary to figure out either!

I’ve briefly touched on keywords in other blog posts about Squarespace SEO but I fully realize that if you’re totally new to SEO, you are starting from zero here which is why it’s important to right back to the basics of keywords and build on from there.

Let’s take a look!

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How does SEO work for Squarespace Index Pages?

“I don’t understand how SEO works for Squarespace Index pages…help!”

The question above is a real reader’s Squarespace SEO question that arrived in my inbox the other day. Honestly, this is a fantastic question and I realized that while I’ve answered it many times with my private SEO consulting clients, I’ve never publicly answered it here on the blog. It took me about 2 minutes before I decided that this topic deserves it’s own post and video tutorial so that I could share the answer with the rest of my readers/audience too!

Squarespace SEO can be a confusing topic and when you add Index pages into the mix, it’s no wonder than many people are completely lost and hoping for the best!

In today’s blog post, I’m going to break everything down and give you a proper tutorial.

We’re going to start off by looking at how Squarespace Index pages are different from regular pages, so you can see where the initial confusion comes in. We’ll look at the SEO titles & description fields in the Page settings and talk about how to fill them out correctly. From here, we’re going to review no index tags and hiding Index page sub-pages from search engines. Finally, I’ll tell you what to do if any of the Index Page sub-pages are still showing up in Google Search Results.

Let’s take a look!

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