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5 unusual ways I relax after a heavy work sprint

I very much enjoyed writing today’s post. It’s a step in a different direction from my regular blog posts, which normally focus on Squarespace, SEO, web design & development, and other tech tips. But sometimes change is good, even if it’s only temporary!

I recently published a blog post all about my tips for dealing with insomnia and in it, I shared how insomnia and difficulties sleeping play out in my business and life as a solopreneur. I never expected that post would pick up so much momentum online! It was particularly popular over on Pinterest and a quick look at my website’s Analytics tab shows that it was one of my top posts of the last month.

Clearly this post resonated with many of you, my readers and fellow online business owners. I received so many emails and private DMs about insomnia and lots of you asked for more “wellness” blog posts.


I have exactly zero interest in becoming a lifestyle blogger (no disrespect, just not my jam) but I’m happy to share my own experiences & thoughts on a handful of topics related to wellness, particularly how it plays into work/life of online business owners. I’m not an expert in this field but I am keen to talk about what’s worked for me and maybe it’ll resonate with you too!

In this post, I’m talking about the unusual ways I relax and unwind after a heavy work sprint. I know that not everyone works this way but it’s a tactic that helps me stay in flow and produce good work. It has also saved me from burnout so far, which is something I hugely appreciate.

I hope that after you read this post, you have a better insight into my approach to work sprints and what I do to unwind and relax after a particularly intense period.

Let’s jump right in!

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Tips for dealing with insomnia

I’ve dealt with insomnia for most of my adult life and even though I do my best to overcome it, there are still periods when it rears its ugly head.

I consider myself lucky that insomnia isn’t a 365 day/year issue but when I do experience periods of prolonged insomnia, it can feel like it will never end. I recently experienced another bout of sleepless nights and now that I’ve come out the other end, I thought I’d share some of the tricks I use to deal with insomnia. Some of these pointers are tried and true, whereas others are habits I’ve picked up over the past year or so.

I’m sharing my bedtime routine and sleep practice here on the blog in hopes that it helps out any fellow overstrung, anxious techies or entrepreneurs out there. Homies, where you at?! Insomnia is a problem that many of us face, to different extents, and something that I believe we should talk about more freely. Because the truth is the quality of our sleep has a direct impact on our lives, and therefore our businesses.

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