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One of my favourite parts of my job as a web designer/developer is that I get to collaborate with other business owners and creatives on a daily basis. No two projects are ever the same and I love the variety and constant changes that brings.

Nothing beats the creativity of working together to come up with the best possible home-base for their company online.

For most businesses, a website is so much more than just a place to make a sales pitch or present information. Instead, it’s where people (often potential customers) can go for an introduction to the company. A good website not only introduces visitors to the brand and the people behind it, it also conveys what they’re really about and gets people on board with their mission.

Recently I had the pleasure of completing a website redesign and structural updates project for YUOLOGY and in today’s show & tell article, I’ll walk you through my process.

I got to work directly with the Vancouver-based founder, Tonia Mattu, to make some much needed changes to the business’ website. Her company was going to be featured in a major media profile so we made some strategic updates to capitalize on all the upcoming traffic. Not only did these updates improve the aesthetics of YUOLOGY’s website, they also served as a way to introduce a new audience to the brand and services offered. Our goal was to make changes to the website that would convert new visitors into email subscribers and attendees to YUOLOGY’s signature event, Stilettos in the Snow LIVE, and I’m happy to say we succeeded in doing that.

Let’s take a look at the project and explore the changes made to YUOLOGY’s website and online strategy.

YUOLOGY: the background story

YUOLOGY was founded by Tonia Mattu, and the signature master class teaches 5 elements of success. The course is a combination of self-reflection, confidence building and intentional goal setting that helps business groups and individuals alike.

YUOLOGY’s website runs on the Squarespace Hayden template and while Tonia liked certain elements of the website before our project, she knew there were areas of improvement that she had been putting off. With the big media coverage coming up, it was time to get those changes made!

We stayed with the solid foundation in place on the already installed Hayden template but made some strategic changes to make the site more user-friendly and nicer to look at. YUOLOGY had a wealth of high-quality professional photos to work with and those images do a wonderful job of highlighting what YUOLOGY is all about.

Stilettos in the Snow - Landing Page

As mentioned above, our project was fuelled by the upcoming media coverage of YUOLOGY’s signature event, Stilettos in the Snow LIVE. Since that feature would be directing readers directly to the event’s landing page, we made several noticeable and effective changes to that webpage.

Our number one priority was to capitalize on the traffic coming in and as such, we added a MailChimp popup to capture visitor information. Whenever a new reader lands on that page, they are presented with the pop-up encouraging them to sign up for free tips and event updates.

Reconfigure Navigation Menu

Updating YUOLOGY’s navigation was another part of our redesign project. While the top level pages included in the list were solid, there was room for improvement since we were focused on user experience.

We agreed that the original order of the pages in the navigation menu was not intuitive and visitors weren’t always sure where to go. As such, we switched up the navigation menu for a more intentional flow of content.

yuology navigation menu | website reveal for yuology

This is a great example of how a simple change has a great impact on a website and user experience.

Navigation Background

Before our project, the navigation menu was directly on top of the banner image and it was hard to read. We removed the transparency and went with a black background for the navigation menu.

Refer to the screenshot above to see this in action.

I’m happy to say that the user experience improved immediately thanks to this tweak.

Update: Home Page Content

The homepage of a website is usually the starting point for visitors to any website so it’s extremely important that the information presented to the user is informative and appealing. We spent quite a bit of time turning this page into a content-rich yet aesthetically attractive page and it came out exactly how we wanted.

To begin, we updated the banner image and overlaying text to create strong visuals from the moment a visitor hits the page.

Yuology homepage | website reveal for YUOLOGY

Since we wanted to present visitors with useful information as easily as possible, we got strategic in a few ways. Firstly, we added brightly coloured event registration buttons below the banner image. Next up, we included links to both business and personal services so that visitors are clear that there are two services offerings that can meet their needs.

Yuology homepage content updates to buttons | website reveal for YUOLOGY

The original content on the homepage was also revamped and we included an infographic as a way to underline YUOLOGY’s principles.

Yuology infographic | website reveal for yuology

We also embedded an Introduction to YUOLOGY video with a customized thumbnail to the homepage since visitors like to consume information in different ways. The video is also a great way for potential customers to get a feel for Tonia, the founder of YUOLOGY, and the services her company offers.

YUOLOGY homepage video | website reveal for YUOLOGY

Social proof is hugely important to any business, especially one like YUOLOGY, so the homepage redesign focuses heavily on client transformations and a participant gallery. These testimonials not only humanize the brand, they also emphasize the value each client got from YUOLOGY’s program and share their results.

YUOLOGY homepage testimonials | website reveal for YUOLOGY

Finally, we integrated an email sign up popup with MailChimp as another way to collect visitor information. By offering visitors XX in exchange for signing up to YUOLOGY’s email updates, we were able to drill into this other way to hold onto all the new traffic coming in from the major media mention.

yuology homepage mailchimp email sign up | website reveal for YUOLOGY

Update: YUOLOGY Page

We made several changes to the YUOLOGY page during our website redesign project, all of which were centred around presenting visitors with the most intuitive flow of information.

To being, we update the website copy so that the words on the page did a better job of explaining what YUOLOGY is, what the company does and what services are offered.

Next, we added videos as a way to include multimedia.

Finally, we switched out the images on the webpage so that they were more in line with the brand’s focus.

Update: Transformations Page

We touched on this above but social proof is huge to any business and this is especially true when it comes to a business like YUOLOGY. Research shows that reviews and testimonials are major factors when it comes to business growth. Including a robust collection of testimonials on the Transformation page serves many purposes, including:

  • increase CTRs
  • raise conversions
  • generate leads
  • contrite to purchase decisions.

As you can see, testimonials matter and they really work. Did you know that 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews? We put extra attention to this page and it paid off.

Not only did we add four new transformation profiles to this page, we also added two videos to support YUOLOGY’s programs. This was part of a larger effort to reformat and update existing content on the Transformation page and it came out looking exactly how Tonia wanted.

Update: Work with Me Pages

The Work with Me section is divided up into two sections covering YUOLOGY’s business and personal service offerings.

Again, we got intentional with the page structure and content by reformatting the copy and the design. To break up the text, we included photos and quote sections. Bright button links to the Transformation page were also added as a way to address any hesitations potential clients might have.

Final Thoughts

Tonia from YUOLOGY was a delight to work with and I’m thrilled with the outcome of our website redesign and update project. The changes we made support YUOLOGY’s brand and business goals and I can’t wait to see how the company grows with the increased media attention. Very well deserved!


Working with Charlotte on the redesign of my company’s website was an absolutely positive experience. We were under a short timeline, due to an upcoming media story that would be driving a high volume of people (and potential clients) to my site, so we had to create a strategy and implement it - fast. I’m happy to say that Charlotte delivered exceptionally!

Not only is she fast, but she’s also intuitive in knowing what’s best for your brand and company goals. She gave her input with confidence and implemented our ideas as we worked together. This is what I enjoyed most about working with Charlotte. She’s not the type that needs to be told what has to be done, instead she offers creative ideas and input, which differentiates her from many website designers. She’s also communicative and personable, giving the working relationship a sense of ease and fun.

I highly recommend Charlotte as a web designer and strategist.
— Tonia Mattu, Founder of YUOLOGY

Now I’d love to hear from you, what do you think of the changes we made? Do you have any questions about what we did and why? How did you design your website with business goals and conversions in mind? What about images and photographs, how have you leveraged those to support the brand? Leave me a note in the comments!

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