Kett's eyewear Testimonial

"Charlotte’s consulting on the new Ketts Eyewear website was a pleasure! She presented great ideas and was receptive to our design direction. Her expert input was greatly appreciated and I was absolutely blown away by her efficiency. She confidently and skillfully delivered everything as promised. Her approach of first identifying and then working within a budget was very much appreciated as well. 

I would certainly recommend working with Charlotte for any project, large or small. I will definitely be contacting her again with any revisions or updates that I want to do to my site. I would encourage anyone who is developing a website to book Charlotte if she’s available - she will not disappoint!"

-Tyler Bothwell, founder of Ketts

Rising Tide Testimonial

"Working with Charlotte was fantastic. She has an incredible eye for design and really understands how to drive people to your website. She gave us very specific and detailed feedback to help us improve our web content that we were able to action immediately. The result is a cleaner, prettier website that delivers our key messages much more clearly, and in a way that is more engaging for our audience. Thanks Charlotte!"

-Laura Hopper, founder of Rising Tide Irish Dance Academy