Testimonial 6

“Just wanted to say thank you! I found your website a couple of weeks ago, signed up for the free week course on designing a website which helped me take massive action on my business (aka choosing a name, buying a domain, and starting my website after MONTHS of procrastination). I knew I wanted to use Squarespace but I was having trouble… that knowledge bomb was awesome. :)

Your course was full of value and I cannot wait to delve into all your articles on SEO! Thanks again!”

- Anne-Marie 

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Testimonial 5

“I loved all the lessons you sent about how to create a Squarespace website, it was very well done, detailed and organized. Thank you very much for all your lessons and directions. [You’re a] good teacher!”


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Testimonial 3

“I wanted to DYI a Squarespace site for my new business but wasn’t sure how to start. I wasn’t confident with the tech side of setting up a website either but you helped answer my questions. I’m very happy that I found your course.”


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Testimonial 1

“I absolutely loved your e-course! I launched my site a few months ago, but I feel like I am still learning so much so I signed up for your course to see if there were any little things that I had missed.

I love that your course was broken up into days - it made the information simple to process. Your emails were also a great length - I felt like I was getting tons of important info, no filler. I am so grateful for you opening up your tips and letting us pick your brain on how you launch your sites <3”


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