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Charlotte O'Hara
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Charlotte O'Hara is a web designer/developer, product maker, and educator.

Her goal is to show people that anyone can build and grow an amazing website, no matter their technical knowledge or design background!

She loves collaborating with small businesses and creative entrepreneurs to build custom Squarespace websites that are easy to navigate, convert and drive sales. Her focus is on crisp, clean designs and she believes that all websites should be functional and fun.

Ever since she can remember, Charlotte has been a low-key tech nerd. She was the unofficial IT fixer in her friend group, the go-to girl for anything related to the internet, and the person who solved the latest computer problem at every family get-together. 

After graduating university, she officially joined the industry and got her start working at a software company doing analytics and implementations. Following that was a stint at a tech startup, after which she started building custom websites and fell in love with the creativity it offered. As much as she loved diving into analytics and measuring metrics, she has found her sweet spot working with clients to create sites that best represent their business and brand online. It's so much more than just fiddling with code (although that's awesome too!), building and growing websites allows her to bring an idea to life and launch something real. 

From here, she started creating digital products that help website owners grow and monetize their sites and increase their online businesses.

Charlotte is also an online educator and avid tech writer. She writes a top-ranked blog that focuses on Squarespace, SEO, web design & development and all things related to running an online business. Be sure to check out her video tutorials as well!

Every Wednesday, Charlotte sends out a newsletter to her community. She shares actionable tips and steps to build and maintain the best website possible for your business. Click here to learn more!

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