Everything you need to know about Squarespace Commerce and setting up payment processing

Everything you need to know about Squarespace commerce and setting up payment processing | squarespace commerce

Squarespace has a lot going for it but hands down, one of my favourite features is how simple it is to set up e-commerce directly on your Squarespace website.

This is great for a variety of situations, whether you're ready to dive into a full e-commerce shop or you simply want to sell a few products online to support your business and brand. Selling your products to customers around the globe is easy, intuitive and quick thanks to Squarespace.

In today's article, I'm going to go over the basics of Squarespace Commerce and introduce you to the best ways to accept payments from customers through your Squarespace website. 

Let's get that money, honey!

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Squarespace Commerce 101

If you've ever wanted to sell products online, Squarespace makes it insanely easy and affordable thanks to their Squarespace Commerce plans. You can set this up with either Website or Commerce plans so it really will fit your needs. You'll be able to  connect a payment processor, process credit card transactions, accept PayPal, issue refunds, and receive donations all through Squarespace Commerce.

Tip: For those who are starting out with their first venture into e-commerce, I recommend going through Squarespace's video series that will walk you through the process.

Here's how simple it is to get your Squarespace shop up and running

Step 1: Set up your shop

To begin, you'll get to:

  • import products, if you're coming over from another platform
  • set appropriate tax rates
  • select shipping options (if applicable)
  • connect a payment processor

This step is super straightforward and will not take you hours - promise.

Step 2: Add products

Next up, you'll add products to your store. Be sure to include images, descriptions, variants, and other details to each product. There's a lot of customization that can be done in this step so you can really make the most out of your online store and get it to look & function exactly how you want.

Squarespace works for just about everyone since you can sell physical, digital and service products through your Squarespace store. This is amazing!

Step 3: Marketing

"If we build it, they will come - right?". Well, not necessarily. 

This is where Squarespace's built-in marketing tools come in handy so that your shop opens with a bang. You might want to create discounts, offer sale prices and promote deals through the announcement bar to get the most out of your shop. There are also advanced features such as Abandoned Checkout Recovery that you can set up.

In this step, you're able to market your store through

  • checkout forms and newsletter signups at checkout
  • SEO
  • integrated social media

Pretty powerful stuff!

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Step 4: Fulfilling orders

Once you've set up and marketed your shop, the sales will start rolling in. Ka-ching!

Half the fun of making a sale is getting it into the hands (or inbox) of your customer. This is where you'll fulfil your orders and notify customers that their orders are being processed. You can also stay in touch with them throughout the shipping period, accept refunds, cancel an order (*tears*), etc.

Tip: I recommend running a test order to make sure you know what the customer experience is like and outline the process on your website to anticipate any customer inquiries.

Payment processing options

Once you've got your shop set up, you'll have to decide the best way to accept payments on your new offerings. Squarespace thrilled users around the world when they announced the Beta Launch: Paypal for Squarespace Online Stores in early December 2016. When this tweet went out, the internet went nuts.

Prior to this, Squarespace accepted credit card, debit card and Apple Pay payments through Stripe but the addition of PayPal opens up Squarespace e-commerce to a whole new audience. Now it's possible to connect both Stripe AND PayPal for even better results! Do not underestimate what a game changer this is going to be for all you future shop owners.

There are several factors that will determine which payment processors to support, such as where you're located and which payment methods you want to offer. Connecting both Stripe and PayPal supports the widest range of payment methods which means your store is more likely to complete sales.

Offering both let's your customers choose the method that's right for them while also knowing that their payments are being securely processed - no fraud on your watch!

Connecting Payment Processors

To connect a payment processor, first log into your Squarespace account and go to the Home Menu, click Settings then click Payments.

From here you can set up Stripe (directions here) and/or Paypal (directions here). I recommend setting up both payment processing options for best results.

Processing Fees

It should be noted that when you connect Stripe and/or PayPal, you will be charged processing fees. Processing fees vary depending on where you are so be sure to check out the proper documentation for details: click here for Stripe and click here for Paypal.

Final thoughts

Setting up Squarespace Commerce is a powerful way to make money online and grow your business. Whether you choose to sell physical, digital or service products, Squarespace has you covered.

Now that Squarespace has expanded their integration settings to include payments accepted through PayPal, there's even more reason to choose Squarespace for your e-commerce store. It's easy to add on e-commerce to a website you already have and it will function seamlessly within the same platform.

Now it's your turn to tell me if you're interested in setting up a store to sell physical, digital or service products online? Would you choose Squarespace to host your store? Have you done this already? I'd love to know and better yet, be sure to link to your Squarespace store in the comments below so I can check out your offerings! 

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