5 ACTIONABLE things to do if you dread working on your website

5 actionable things to do if you dread working on your website | day 1 of live video training extravaganza

Welcome to Day 1 of my live video training extravaganza!

Beginning today (Monday June 29, 2019), I will be doing a live video training over on my Youtube channel every day this week and then sharing the replays here on the blog.

I just wrapped up Day 1’s video and OMG it was so much fun and I can’t wait for you to check it out!

This topic is something that comes up allllll the time with my clients, email newsletter subscribers and blog posts readers and I am excited to share my thoughts with you here today.

We’re talking about 5 ACTIONABLE and real things you can do if you dread working on your website.

Might seem like a random topic to kick things off with but trust me, this will give you the loving kick in the pants to actually get started on all those website updates you’ve been meaning to make. And as we go through the next couple of daily live video trainings, you can always refer back to this video if you need some motivation or encouragement to GSD ;)

Ready to dive right in?

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5 ACTIONABLE things you can do if you dread working on your website

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Here's what we covered in Day 1's free live live video training:

5 ACTIONABLE and real things to do if you dread working on your website

  • Mindset and address the blocks/resistances that are holding you back 

  • Change up the look & feel of your website before moving onto your "to do" list tasks, because so many people avoid working on their websites because they think their site is fugly or doesn't function how they want it to

  • Get over your lack of confidence in your tech skills and figure out ways to become competent with the website work you want/need to get done

  • Set a timer and just get sh*t done!

  • OUTSOURCE it! Ain't no shame, my friend.

Plus a whole lot more!

Watch the live video training replay above.

1. Address your mindset, identify the blocks & resistances you have towards working on your website

Where is the root of this dread coming from? Here’s some reasons that come up over and over that stop people from working on their websites…

  • Don’t know how to do things. Not confident in tech skills, feel that the lack competency, don’t know how to make changes and don’t trust themselves to do website work properly

  • Don’t like the look and feel of their website - design, layout, functionality, images, colors, branding, etc. If you don’t like how the website looks, you’ll be less likely to make other website changes

  • Overestimate how much time these website changes will take

Once you’ve sat down and really thought about this dread and why you keep putting off your website work, ask yourself : should you just get to it and deal with it head on? Website work seems like a much bigger task in your head than it does when you actually come up with steps to do the work.

So. before you even dive into the actual website work, check in with your mindset. Address the blocks you have, figure out where the resistance is coming from.

Also, you might like another free mini course & live video training that I did recently : Growing your website with fun & ease. Watch the replay and download the workbook that goes along with it!

2. Update the look & feel of your website before doing the website work

Let’s say the website work that you have to do is to update your services description…. but you keep putting it off because you don’t like how your website looks! If that’s the case, BEFORE you do the task of updating the content, work on the look & feel of your website!

Often this is related to the images on your website - custom branded photography for your website/brand/business is always best but another great option is stock photography that is cohesive and properly reflects the look & feel that you’re gong for. Maybe add a filter or preset so that the photos have the same tone, brightness and are consistent across the site.

Remember to style your website in a way that serves your ideal audience and best reflects your brand identity.

Play around with other features such as full-width banner images at the top of every web page, or even add in paralax scrolling!

Once you are happy with the look & feel of your website and like the layout and formatting of the web pages and blog posts, you can then go ahead and do all that website work!

3. Become more confident in your tech skills

Look, I know that not everyone is a full blown web designer/developer like I am - I don’t expect you to have all the tech skills! Especially if you’ve done the DIY route, you need to at least be able to problem solve and learn the solutions to your problems all on your own.

There are many resources you can turn to get comfortable with the technical aspects of your website to gain confidence:

  • Squarespace’s knowledegebase - very extensive knowledgebase filled with articles, video trainings, tech tutorials, etc.

  • Google and Youtube - tons of free content online

  • My website charlotteohara.ca and my Youtube channel - shameless plug, duh!

Also, set aside half and hour or so to go through the different settings of your Squarespace website. Really learn what each setting is, how it works, what the different options are, the fields available, etc. Learn how pages work, figure out how it all works and then from there you can go ahead and actually make the changes to your website.

Gain confidence in your tech skills and know that you’re smart enough to find the answers you’re looking for!

4. Set a timer and GSD!

Batch all the website work! It’s not glamorous but it’s very actionable - set a timer and tackle your website to-do list once and for all!

I’m a huge fan of the Pomodoro method and it might work well for you too :)

You’ll feel so happy to have finished it all once you’ve done the work and a race against the clock from the timer is a great way to get the work done.

5. Outsource - ain’t no shame!

At the end of the day, if your website work is truly something that you dread doing and simply cannot even deal with, OUTSOURCE the work!

You can obviously hire a web designer/developer (like me or someone else) but there’s also services like Use Sixty https://www.usesixty.com/ <---- I have zero affiliation with this company.

Stay in your own “zone of genius” and hire out the website work instead - it might be a much better use of your time, resources and energy if working on your website is something you truly dread.

Daily videos for the live video training extravaganza

As I mentioned, this video kicks off Day 1 of my Live Video Training Extravaganza and I’m PUMPED to be sharing so much free content, knowledge, information, strategies and tech tips with you!

I’ll be going live every day over on my Youtube channel sharing a free video training all about Squarespace, SEO, web design & development, online business, and a whole lot more.

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