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Paige Brunton & Charlotte O'Hara - Q&A over drinks (live video replay)

Hey hunni!

Sharing a fun replay of the Instagram Live that my online biz bestie Paige Brunton and I did last night.

Paige and I are both from Toronto, Canada and were in town at the same time so of course we got together for dinner & patio drinks.

We also decided to hop on a lil Instagram Live to answer some questions from our audience and generally get a little silly. Earlier in the afternoon we posted on Instagram to see if anyone had any questions for us to answer or topics they wanted us to cover during our live, so it was really fun to answer these real questions from our followers!

Take a look at the replay video below :)

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5 ACTIONABLE things to do if you dread working on your website

Welcome to Day 1 of my live video training extravaganza!

Beginning today (Monday June 29, 2019), I will be doing a live video training over on my Youtube channel every day this week and then sharing the replays here on the blog.

I just wrapped up Day 1’s video and OMG it was so much fun and I can’t wait for you to check it out!

This topic is something that comes up allllll the time with my clients, email newsletter subscribers and blog posts readers and I am excited to share my thoughts with you here today.

We’re talking about 5 ACTIONABLE and real things you can do if you dread working on your website.

Might seem like a random topic to kick things off with but trust me, this will give you the loving kick in the pants to actually get started on all those website updates you’ve been meaning to make. And as we go through the next couple of daily live video trainings, you can always refer back to this video if you need some motivation or encouragement to GSD ;)

Ready to dive right in?

Click the live video training replay below to watch now!

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The easiest way to preview your Squarespace website on different devices - video tutorial

Whenever I build and design a website, one of my biggest considerations is how it looks and displays on different devices. Whether someone is viewing the site from a desktop, tablet or smartphone, I want to make sure that everything displays correctly and that the user experience remains unaffected!

There's a super easy way to do this if you're using Squarespace, and it's a trick I rely on with every single website I work with. Responsive design is a feature of every Squarespace template but unless you're a pro, you might not know how the site will end up looking on different devices after your design is complete unless you check it out for yourself.

My friend, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Device View!

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