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What should you be doing every week to grow you online business?

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, online business owners… gather round everyone, ‘cause this conversation applies to all of you!

Today we are going to go over the extra things you should be doing every week in addition to your regular tasks in order to grow your online business

Now, those of us who don't work a traditional 9-5 job will know that an outrageous amount of time spent working on our business isn't actually related to the products/services that we’re focused on.

For example, you'd think that as a web designer/developer I spend most of my time building and designing websites. LOL nope! While that's definitely how I spend a lot of my working hours, there's a whole lot more to my business than that. Think: content creation, social media, marketing, accounting, promotion, etc. That’s something that surprises many of us when we start out on our own, just how many hats we will have to wear in order to grow a successful business!

Obviously, you are going to do the work directly related to your business. This could mean delivering services to your clients,  creating/updating products, hosting events, whatever. But your work also includes marketing the business, content creation, continuing education, emails, etc. 

If you’re on my site and reading my blog posts, I’m guessing your goal isn’t just to stay afloat - you're here to thrive in business. That’s why it’s SO important to consider the other business related activities that will help you grow and reach new milestones as an entrepreneur!

These are things I do every week and they have been vital to my success in business so far. I consider them non-negotiables of the best sort and I'm excited to share them with you today!

Let's take a look.

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Pretty vs Performance : What to prioritize in your website’s design

You’ve finally decided to launch a new website (after taking my free course, perhaps?) or that it's time to give you existing site a facelift. Exciting news, let's break out the bubbly!

But before your site can go live, you’ve got to take care of all the heavy lifting and actually build and design the website. It’s important to slow down and think critically about the website design process if you want to do it right the first time. Not everyone has time for a starter website!

If you aren’t clear on your website’s goals, it’s nearly impossible to build a website that fits your brand, generates leads AND helps grow your business. When the focus of a website is purely on aesthetics and the design ignores the goals, the best case scenario is that you end up with an appealing website that doesn't perform how you want it to. The truth is, however, that often you’ve just wasted everyone’s time and a whole lot of money. Whomp whomppppp.

In my opinion, we can do better than that. 

Today we are going to take a look at what I prioritize in my custom website projects and look at the relationship between pretty and performance websites.

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Here's what I learned from launching my second digital product

A few weeks ago I launched my second digital product, the Income Tracker Spreadsheets, and I wanted to share my thoughts, observations and lessons learned from this project.

I really enjoy reading these sorts of “behind the scenes” posts from other business owners and for me personally, it’s fun to look back on them a few months later.

First and foremost, I’m a web designer/developer but as I start expanding my offerings to include digital products, I want to write about my experience (while it’s still fresh) and fill you in on what it’s really like to take an idea and turn it into something that you sell on your website.

Grab a drink and get comfortable because this is a beast of a post. Let’s jump right in!

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How to track your website growth with my spreadsheet template

You know the saying "What gets measured gets managed?"

It has been the guiding mantra for my 2017 business and website goals since I wanted to seriously up my game this year.

I have so many big plans and ideas for 2017 and I knew that having a "bigger" website with a larger reach would help me achieve the kind of results I'm looking for. I knew that if I wanted to grow my website and guarantee that all my plans actually happened, I would need to get serious and stay on top of my site's data & statistics.

When it comes to growing a website, there are SO many factors that come into play. Obviously you have to look at the raw numbers of how many visits and page views your site is getting, but what about social media, product/service revenue, affiliate programs, media mentions and email list? I couldn't forget about those too!

Watch my video demo and see the spreadsheets I use to track my website's growth!

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