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Friday Q&A - websites, business & personal topics

Hello and happy Friday!

WELCOME BACK to Day 10 of the Live Video Training Extravaganza, we’re at it again with another week of free live video trainings and I am so excited to continue sharing this content with you!

Quick summary: every day for the past two weeks, I’ve hosted a free live video training over on my Youtube channel and shared those replays here on the blog. And honestly, it’s been so much fun that I wasn’t ready to stop quite yet… so I decided to continue these live video trainings into next week too! LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

So on Monday we’ll be back for more and you can watch even more of these daily lessons as I keep creating content for you!

Today’s video was super fun, I always love answering these question that you guys sent in. It’s a good mix of business, websites and personal stuff and I can’t wait for you to watch the replay!

Q&A videos are the best, eh?

Alright, that’s enough intro for one video… let’s get to the goods.

Click the live video training replay below to watch now!

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