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Live video training extravaganza Friday Q&A week 2 | websites, business and personal

Hello and happy Friday!

WELCOME BACK to Day 10 of the Live Video Training Extravaganza, we’re at it again with another week of free live video trainings and I am so excited to continue sharing this content with you!

Quick summary: every day for the past two weeks, I’ve hosted a free live video training over on my Youtube channel and shared those replays here on the blog. And honestly, it’s been so much fun that I wasn’t ready to stop quite yet… so I decided to continue these live video trainings into next week too! LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

So on Monday we’ll be back for more and you can watch even more of these daily lessons as I keep creating content for you!

Today’s video was super fun, I always love answering these question that you guys sent in. It’s a good mix of business, websites and personal stuff and I can’t wait for you to watch the replay!

Q&A videos are the best, eh?

Alright, that’s enough intro for one video… let’s get to the goods.

Click the live video training replay below to watch now!

Friday Q&A video : websites, business & personal topics

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Here are the questions that I answered in this week's Q&A video:

  1. Do I have to build my website using Index pages or are Regular pages OK?

  2. What are your favorite type of websites to build?

  3. Best way to up-level your biz?

  4. How do you like your coffee?

  5. How soon can I start consulting or coaching?

  6. What's one code or CSS customization that you do on every website?

  7. What were some of the biggest wastes of money for your business?

  8. What is a good open rate for email newsletters?


  1. Launch Your Best Site (email course)

  2. Squarespace SEO Checklist


As I mentioned, this video is for Friday, Day 10 and we’re continuing with another week of my Live Video Training Extravaganza! I’m PUMPED to be sharing so much free content, knowledge, information, strategies and tech tips with you for another week :)

I’ll be going live every day over on my Youtube channel again all next week, sharing a free video training all about Squarespace, SEO, web design & development, online business, and a whole lot more.

We’re going to be talking about how you can grow your website, connect with your ideal audience online, attract dream clients and customers, and improve the look/feel/functionality of your website. Ready to up-level? PERFECT because my friend, you are in the right place and I’m sharing all my “secrets” to get you there.

I have a few topics in mind but I’d LOVE to hear from you!

If there’s anything you want me to talk about, any questions you want answered, any strategies you want me to debunk or explain, please let me know by leaving me a comment below. I’m open to suggestions because I want to make sure that these video trainings are super valuable and exactly what you’re dying to learn from me. So don’t be shy, consider this your invitation to pick my brain! I’ll also be doing another Q&A video next Friday.

See you back here on Monday or over on my Youtube channel every day next week for even more of the Live Video Training Extravaganza! Thrilled that you’re here xoxo