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Six Reasons why Coding is Cool!

Want to know a little secret about me? For years and years, I’ve been a huge fan of high fashion models. I’m not into the clothes & couture, per se, but there’s something about the actual models themselves that I just love. Kate! Cindy! Naomi! Cara! Gigi! Kendall! From one gazelle to another, I love watching those tall bitties do their thing. One of my favourite models is Karlie Kloss. You miiiiight recognize her, she’s a former Victoria’s Secret model who has basically been on the cover of every single magazine.

BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT KARLIE CODES?! She’s a fellow tech nerd!!

Karlie Kloss has a scholarship fund for high school students to learn how to code at the Flatiron school in NYC, and she’s generally a pretty vocal advocate for coding and women in tech. Love this so much!

Let’s take a look at why this is important and how it relates to today’s article : 6 Reasons Why Coding Is Cool.

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