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How I'm using a quiz to grow my email list

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has ever been sucked down the internet black hole that is a Buzzfeed quiz? You know how it is - one moment you're innocently browsing the web and before you know it you're only a few questions away from finding out what type of beef jerky you are. Say what you want about them but there's no denying that these quizzes are addictive!

Want to know what else is addictive? Watching your email list start to snowball thanks to one such quiz. 

if you're unclear about how a quiz can act as a lead magnet/content upgrade and help you grow your email list, then don't worry. I was in the same boat not long ago! 

I used to create email opt-ins the old way (meaning: for almost every blog post as an add-on) yet I was often frustrated when they didn't convert as well as I wanted them to. I would spend so much time working on these extra lead magnets but they weren't always enticing enough for people to sign up for them. Talk about a time waster!

But the quiz I built? Yup, that's worth it.

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