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How and why I include a Client Questionnaire in my Web Design & Development process

Let’s rewind to the early days of my business when I was starting out as a web designer/developer. I was honing my technical skills and getting better every day but one area that I knew I could improve on was organization. I realized that if I was going to take my business seriously and actually make a “go” at it, I would need to set up (and stick to) processes, systems, templates and project plans.

As part of my early journey to get my business organized, I created the first version of what is now my Client Questionnaire. It has been refined and tweaked over time but the core has stayed the same. 

Client Questionnaires are something that I include in EVERY web design/development project and it’s a step that I wouldn't dare leave out. It helps me to do my best work for the client because both parties are ready to plan and prepared to execute the best website - right from the start. The Client Questionnaire is a way to gather a huge amount of information ahead of time and make sure that the client is clear, focused and intentional on the process as we move forward with the website. I use the document to guide our discussion, ask the necessary questions, and flush out the main points to consider when we begin the actual website build.

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