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Here are 5 things I do to stay inspired


That's a funny and loaded word, eh? It's a muscle we are always trying to flex and something we are constantly searching for.

There are times when we feel overwhelmingly inspired in many areas of our lives, whether it's on the professional or personal front. Ideas flow and we have thoughts buzzing in our brains faster than we can act on them all. It's an exciting time when anything seems possible! These are the periods when all I want to do is create, create, create because I feel like I have so much to put out in the world - critics and haters be damned! 

But for every high there's a low and like most creatives, I've fallen into inspiration droughts that leave me feeling grumpy and exhausted. Creativity is a constant ebb and flow and as the saying goes, "use it or lose it". It's rare that you will always be brimming with great ideas but if you can manage to stay creative and inspired, these gems will be easier to hold onto.

The question I often ask myself is how can I get and (most importantly) stay inspired? How can I create on a regular basis?

Let's take a look at what works best for me.

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