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Does every website need a privacy policy?

Alright alright alright, today we are going to dive into one of the most boring pages of any website ... the Privacy Policy!

Yes, my friends, this page may be dull but it's hugely important and usually forgotten and/or ignored. Don't be one of those people who doesn't include a Privacy Policy and has to pay for it later (often literally!). 

In this article, we are going to look at what a Privacy Policy is, what should be included, who needs one, and how to create your own Privacy Policy. 

Whether you're getting ready to launch your first website or if you already have a website but it doesn't have a Privacy Policy, I'm certain you'll learn a thing or two about protecting yourself and your business!

Note: It goes without saying that I'm a web designer/developer and NOT a lawyer so please consult a professional for the best advice. I can only speak to what I know is industry standard but if you have any questions or concerns, always consult a professional.

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