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Grow and monetize your Squarespace website
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GROW YOUR WEBSITE, increase traffic & up-level your online BUSINESS


Getting Started Guide for Client On-boarding

13 page customizable done-for-you document template.

For web designers & developers who are ready to up-level their custom project on-boarding process and improve their client experience.

This is the exact Getting Started Guide that I send out to all my custom website design clients - swipe my file and start using it in your own business today!

The Getting Started Guide makes sure that every new project starts off on the right foot, saves you time, and sets you for total client confidence and professionalism.

Customize the Guide’s template, switch up the colors/fonts/photos to match your branding, and get ready to totally WOW your clients.


Pitching your web design & development services

22 page how-to guide, 3 customizable email pitch templates, and pitch process tracker spreadsheets.

Pitching my services is how I launched and grew my custom Squarespace website design business when I was starting out.

I’m sharing my proven email pitch templates, resources and steps to follow that will help you book out your services and work exclusively with dream clients in your target niche/industry. These are the exact steps I took and the strategy I developed that secured me thousands of dollars in custom client projects when I was just starting out.

Without a doubt, pitching is the fastest and most effective way to land ideal clients, establish yourself as the go-to designer in your target niche, and fill up your calendar without relying on traditional online marketing methods.


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Plan out and track your website growth with this must-have spreadsheet suite

This best selling 7-page spreadsheet will track your website's growth over key business areas such as website traffic, social media, email list, revenue, media mentions and affiliate programs. Don't get overwhelmed by all the data - the charts and graphs make it all visual and easy to understand!

These spreadsheets are a must for anyone running a website or looking to grow their online business.

Spreadsheets work on Mac & PC computers and the spreadsheet file can be opened with Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, etc.

*Updated for 2019


A set of done-for-you spreadsheet templates to track your income and expenses across multiple revenue steams on a monthly and annual basis

There are so many ways to make money through your website or online business and this 8-page spreadsheet will track your income and expenses in a visual way!

We cover actual and projected income from products, services, affiliate and advertising programs, and sponsored content PLUS track expenses.

These spreadsheets will keep you focused and motivated as you reach your income goals. 

Spreadsheets work on Mac & PC computers and the spreadsheet file can be opened with Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, etc.

Income Tracker Spreadsheets | Product Mockup

Squarespace SEO and Affiliate Marketing Masterclass


A 1+ hour masterclass video training

Once you’ve gone through this masterclass, you will know …

  • What affiliate marketing is, how it works, who it works for, and more

  • What a user’s intent is when they’re searching in Google and how to capture them along the sales funnel

  • Why your website’s “relevance” is so important to ranking in Google and how to use this to your advantage

  • How to uncover dozens of keyword ideas that are perfect for generating affiliate income

  • How to find keyword ideas that your competitors are already ranking for

  • How to analyze a keyword’s competitiveness and whether it’s worth going after

  • How to use tools like Moz and SEMRush

  • How to create website content that uses affiliate marketing strategically

And more!



Don’t get lost in the crowd or left behind by your competition - make sure your Squarespace website stands out.

Here’s how it’s going to go down:

  • Your website will actually show up in search results

  • You’ll increase traffic to your website and add new subscribers to your email list

  • You’ll finally reach your ideal audience and potential customers

  • You’ll raise brand awareness and establish yourself as a key figure in your niche

  • You’ll have way more opportunities to grow your online business

  • You’ll be confident in your “tech skills” and a digital strategy that you can take charge of

Best of all? You don’t have to be an internet-obsessed, website-junkie wunderkid to make it happen! It’s easier than you think and you’ll see real results faster than you could have ever imagined #truth.

8 modules, 5+ hours of video content, 2 bonuses, resources, checklists, tech trainings, and so much more!

Top Squarespace SEO | Online Course