Announcement : Income Tracker Spreadsheets are now live!

Announcement income tracker spreadsheets now live | product launch

Announcement : Income Tracker Spreadsheets are now live!

Gather round, my friends, because I have a very important and exciting announcement to make! 

I am thrilled to share that my second digital product, the Income Tracker Spreadsheets, is now live and available for purchase exclusively on my website!

This new product came together organically, and was so fun to create - which is why I'm excited to share my story with you. This post gives you a sense as to what the Income Tracker is, who it's for and why I came up with it.

One of my favourite sayings is “What gets measured gets managed” and these spreadsheets will keep you focused and on track to setting and reaching your goals. 

Please excuse the cheesy press release style post, I’m just super hyped to share it with you and make sure you know how it came to be :)

A quick look at the Income Tracker Spreadsheets

The Income Tracker Spreadsheets is an 8 page template which helps you track the income and expenses related to your website and online business.

These spreadsheets are intended to give you an overview of the money coming and going out of a monetized website. The goal is to track and record data from a variety of platforms and sources so that you have a better understanding of how your website’s income changes (and hopefully grows) over time. 

If you’re anything like me, you want to SEE the numbers and change over time, so I’ve made sure to emphasize the visual representation of all the data. 

The Income Tracker Spreadsheets will help you plan out and predict your website’s income through the year to better understand how launches, promotions and evergreen/recurring income will affect revenue. We look at the numbers on an annual, quarterly and monthly basis so that we track and record the income data at regular intervals because that’s how you will stay on track to reach your website goals. 


In summer 2017, I launched my first digital product, the Website Growth Tracker. Hands down, the most popular pages were the Income and Affiliate programs pages, both of which directly addressed money - planning and recording income related to websites. 

The Website Growth Tracker was very well received and I loved hearing all the positive customer feedback (thank you!). 

Interestingly, the biggest piece of feedback that I heard over and over again was that people wanted to dive deeper into the data and money aspects of running a website. They already had some sort of accounting system in place but they were looking for something that would compliment it while also focusing on website growth. 
Ask and ye shall receive, my friends!

I listened to this feedback and created the Income Tracker Spreadsheets in order to serve my customers even further.

What makes the Income Tracker Spreadsheets special

Alright, so now we’ve established that all the positive feedback from the Website Growth Tracker and the recurring customer request for more data tracking is what led me to create the Income Tracker Spreadsheets. But that’s just the start of the story!

It was clear that there was a gap in the marketplace - other income trackers exist online and they aren’t exactly a brand new idea. But the ones that already existed were too broad and weren’t meeting my audience’s needs. 

The Income Tracker Spreadsheets is different because it’s hyper focused. It’s a product built specifically for monetized websites and online businesses, so it applies directly to a specific niche. These spreadsheets cover everything you need to evaluate a monetized website, without the fluff or off-topic content/sheets. 

I wanted to create a product that would inspire people to get creative and monetize their websites through a variety of channels and methods. The Income Tracker Spreadsheets demonstrates that you can build a business around your website and diversify your income while you’re at it. Each page in the spreadsheet template serves as a reminder that there are many ways you can earn money through your website and there’s nothing stopping you from experimenting to your heart’s content.

How the Income Tracker Spreadsheets work

I wrote up a full description that explains exactly what’s included in the Income Tracker Spreadsheets and also recorded a video tutorial showing you how to use it, which you can watch below. Everything is covered here!

Purchase the Income Tracker Spreadsheets

The Income Tracker Spreadsheets are available for purchase exclusively on my website for $10.   

To get your copy of the Income Tracker Spreadsheets, purchase the product by clicking the button above or head on over to the Product Page.

This is a digital product so once you’ve purchased the Income Tracker Spreadsheets, it’ll be delivered straight to your inbox.

Final Thoughts

I’m so happy that the Income Tracker Spreadsheets are now live and that through this product, I can serve my audience even further. All the customer feedback from my first product, the Website Growth Tracker, made it clear that website owners are serious about monetization and are interested in tracking that data and understanding how the money is coming in over time. 

Creating and launching a digital product is an exciting yet nerve-wracking process, and I can’t wait to get your feedback and see how you end up using this for your own website and business.

If you want more information on the Income Tracker Spreadsheets, click here for the full product description or watch the video tutorial that demo’s the product.

Also, I’d love to hear from you guys! Do you track the income and expenses related to your website? Have you monetized your website already or do you have plans to do so in the future? Does this product inspire to you to experiment with online income? Is there anything else you’d like to add to this tracker? Please share any feedback you have or leave me a comment down below as I’m always looking for way to serve you better!


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