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Did you know Squarespace has an Analytics App?

My friends! It has come to my attention that no everyone is as obsessed with Squarespace as I am and as such, they aren’t fully aware of all the features available! The horror.

Jokes aside, I use and love the Squarespace analytics app all the time and want to make sure it’s on your radar too.

As a web designer/developer, I work with Squarespace literally every day which means I know the platform inside out, like the label of my favourite green juice. That’s great because it makes things super easy, speedy and straightforward for me but I sometimes forget that not everyone has the same deep understanding of Squarespace that I do!

I was recently wrapping up a website project training session with a client and in an offhand comment mentioned the Squarespace analytics app. It was clear that this was the first she was hearing of my (beloved) app and I was happy to spread the love and encourage her to use it! Now i’m doing the same here, with you :)

Depending on how much of a Squarespace junkie you are, today’s post might be an intro to the app or a friendly reminder to actually log in and check your stats. Either way, I hope you learn something new and get more out of your Squarespace account!

Let's take a look at the mobile app, shall we?

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