The Squarespace SEO & Affiliate Marketing Masterclass is LIVE!

Squarespace SEO and Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

Gather round, hunnis, because I have some very exciting news to share with you today.

I am thrilled to announce that my brand new masterclass all about Squarespace SEO & Affiliate Marketing is now live!

You’ve been hitting up my inbox and sliding into my DM’s asking about this Masterclass for a while now (2+ months, but who’s counting!) and it’s finally live!

Pop the bubbly and grab a glass because the goods are finally here for you!

I’m super excited to announce this to the world (or, you know, my niche audience - same thing, eh?) because I am very proud of this Masterclass and I know it’s going to make a huge impact.

Squarespace SEO and Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

The Squarespace SEO & Affiliate Masterclass is live!

This 1+ hour masterclass will show you how to create and implement an affiliate marketing and SEO strategy for your Squarespace website - today.

This masterclass will directly affect the bottom line of your online business by making your website more profitable.

Seriously, the entire point of this (super niche, super valuable, super actionable) masterclass is to help you make more money from your website and improve your online marketing efforts.

There’s a very real link between Squarespace SEO and affiliate marketing and this masterclass will show you how to master it and make more money from your website.

A little backstory

I first offered the Squarespace SEO & Affiliate Marketing Masterclass as an exclusive bonus for students in my signature online course, Top Squarespace SEO.

However, even as I was launching Top Squarespace SEO, people were emailing me specifically about the Masterclass bonus. They were super interested in this masterclass as a standalone digital product, meaning they wanted to buy it on it’s own and not just as a bonus that comes from purchasing Top Squarespace SEO. These people all agreed that while Top Squarespace SEO is an amazing online course, they specifically wanted to purchase this masterclass.

Well, ask and ye shall receive!

The Squarespace SEO & Affiliate Marketing Masterclass is now available for purchase.

What this Masterclass means for you

Once you’ve gone through this masterclass, you will know …

  • What affiliate marketing is, how it works, who it works for, and more

  • What a user’s intent is when they’re searching in Google and how to capture them along the sales funnel

  • Why your website’s “relevance” is so important to ranking in Google and how to use this to your advantage

  • How to uncover dozens of keyword ideas that are perfect for generating affiliate income

  • How to find keyword ideas that your competitors are already ranking for

  • How to analyze a keyword’s competitiveness and whether it’s worth going after

  • How to use tools like Moz and SEMrush

  • How to create website content that uses affiliate marketing strategically

We cover a lot of material in this masterclass but trust me, none of it is fluff or filler. Everything that you learn is super actionable and you can follow along my examples in real time as you watch the masterclass.

Who is this masterclass for?

This Squarespace SEO for Affiliate Marketing strategy works for all websites, whether you’re a blogger, influencer, solopreneur, service provider or running a large business with a big team.

It works for products, services, events, and other types of digital & physical offerings.

Affiliate Marketing works for virtually all website types in nearly any niche and in my professional opinion, SEO should go hand in hand with your website monetization strategy.

This masterclass is right for you if…

  • You are a brand, blogger, influencer, solopreneur, e-commerce shop owner, product creator, service provider, small-to-medium-to-large sized business running your website on Squarespace

  • You already have a Squarespace website or are about to launch a trial site

  • You want to monetize new or existing content on your website

  • You are motivated to monetize and grow your website and are ready to take action

  • You understand that SEO is an art not a science and that change won’t happen overnight


Format of the Masterclass

The Squarespace SEO & Affiliate Marketing Masterclass is a 1+ hour recorded video masterclass.

It is a self-study online masterclass that sets your Squarespace website up with a solid affiliate marketing foundation and gives you a proven, step-by-step SEO strategy to run with moving forward.

It includes tech tutorials of SEO softwares Moz and SEMRush.

Once you purchase the Squarespace SEO & Affiliate Marketing Masterclass, you will get instant access to the video masterclass that is hosted in Teachable (see screenshot below). Simply follow the instructions and link in the email and you can start watching it right away. You will have access to this masterclass for life!


Final Thoughts

Alright, my friend, there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this launch announcement of my Squarespace SEO and Affiliate Marketing Masterclass.

I’m thrilled that there was such demand for this masterclass and I’m so happy that I can offer it to anyone now, not just students in my online course Top Squarespace SEO.

This masterclass is truly unlike anything else that exists online. No one else is teaching this material or SEO strategy so if you enrol in this masterclass and apply the strategy to your own Squarespace website, you’ll already be ahead of the competition!

I had a blast putting together this masterclass and I can’t wait to see what kind of results you get after you’ve taken the class! Keep me posted about your results, will ya? :)

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