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How to add video backgrounds to your Squarespace website

Recently I was talking to one of my web design/development clients and we were brainstorming ways to make his new website memorable so that it would stand out in a competitive industry.

We talked about things like strong photography (and leveraging stock photos in addition to their own photos), logos and branding, but features all felt like a given. I then suggested we add a video background to the home page and was met with a “We can do that with Squarespace?!” response.

I laughed and reassured him that yes, we could, and briefly explained the process.

Pssst: not sure what video backgrounds look like? Check out this example on one of Mariah Coz's websites, she's one of my favourite online marketers.

This got me thinking about how many wonderful features Squarespace offers and how, when used correctly, they can really elevate a website to the next level and make it one that people remember.

Video backgrounds are one of my favourite features since they pack a punch but aren’t a hassle to set up or maintain. Not only do they signify a modern website, they are also relatively new and therefore stand out in visitor’s minds.

In today’s article, we are going to look at video backgrounds and learn how easy it is to add one to your website. We’ll also cover when and why they are used, as well as things to avoid when adding video backgrounds to your Squarespace website.

Whether you’re in the process of launching a new website or you already have one but are interested in updating it, a video background could be a great option for you and your website.


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