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3 strategic ways to drive traffic from social media to your website

Running a website can often feel like you're juggling about ten different balls in the air trying to keep everything afloat.

There are so many moving parts to having a website that it can sometimes feel like you're always "working" but not always seeing results. For most websites, the goal is to generate traffic and increase sales of a product or service. This goal is quantifiable and possible to long as you go about it systematically. 

Depending on which "expert" you listen to, they will tell you that to increase traffic to your website you have to do more of one thing. They might tell you to focus your efforts on social media, email marketing, networking at industry events, content creation, etc. All of those strategies are valid but by trying to do everything at once, you'll spread yourself too thin and won't see any results.

Today's article is focused on how to use social media to drive traffic back to your website. The rest of the topics listed above? Those are for another day, my friend.

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How I plan to revamp my Twitter strategy in 2017

Twitter and I have had a funny relationship over the past few years. According to my profile, I first got Twitter in May 2011. I remember one of my former co-workers was really into it at the time and I wanted to know what all the hype was about - I wanted my own posse of Tweeps! 

The thing is, I never really got into Twitter. For years I had a private Twitter account and only interacted with my friends (very rarely) or lurked on celebrity accounts (usually D-Listers, let's be honest). I didn't "get" Twitter for the longest time and there was a good 2+ year period that my account was basically dormant. 

When I launched my web design / development business in 2016, however, I started paying more attention to social media and content marketing. Getting eyes on my business and website could only be a positive and I knew that it would be worth the effort...if I could just figure out how to use it properly!

Over the past few months, I've made an effort into using Twitter effectively to support my web design/development while also not sounding like a total self-promoting robot. 

Looking forward to 2017, I will continue to revamp my Twitter strategy so that I can grow my following and further develop my business' brand online. And honestly, I'm excited to try something new! In this article I'm going to share my perspective and also outline a few of the ways I plan to implement my Twitter growth strategy. If you're looking for a little social media motivation and want to join me on this experiment, even better!


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