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How I became an expert at Squarespace SEO

I’m about to #NotHumbleBrag, sorry not sorry. Thanks in advance for letting me indulge myself and toot my own horn here in this blog post :)

LOL jokes aside, today’s blog post is a fun one that pushed me out of my comfort zone.

If I’m being totally honest, it feels a little weird to write this but it’s a topic that I’ve been asked about quite a few times over the past few weeks, and I’m not going to leave my readers hanging. People have been asking me how I learned so much about Squarespace SEO, how I became an expert in this super random niche, and how I set myself apart from others in the online space who also offer this service.

These questions have been landing in my inbox, they’ve come up during my Squarespace SEO Audit & Consulting sessions, and even a a few people have slid into my DMs asking about it haha.

Well, my friend, I’m here to share my own experience, thoughts on my journey and the learning curve, and let you know how I became the internet’s “go-to” source for everything related to Squarespace SEO.

Am I saying that I am THE ULTIMATE SQUARESPACE SEO EXPERT and that no one out there comes close to my skills and knowledge? No. The person with that top-honor title is probably employed by Squarespace and leads a team of tech geniuses at their head office haha!

What I am saying, however, is that I have achieved expert status when it comes to Squarespace SEO. I’m not trying to brag but I’m proud of my work and I hope that this post shows anyone who reads it that you too can become an expert in anything, so long as you’re willing to put in the hard work and shamelessly self promote #realtalk

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The most common client takeaways that come up during my Squarespace SEO Audit & Consulting Sessions

There must be something in the air or maybe it’s all the “spring refresh” going around, but things have been BUSY on the work front lately!

My Squarespace SEO Audit & Consulting Sessions, in particular, have been extremely popular over the past few weeks and I’ve had so much fun meeting with different website and business owners. Our sessions last for 1.5 hours and it’s insane how time flies when we’re in the zone. During each consulting session, we dive in deep, cover so much, and come up with a practical and actionable SEO strategy that my clients can implement moving forward. I love seeing all the “aha!” moments that pop up during our sessions and I get such a kick every time someone says “Wow, I thought this would be dull but it’s not” - c’mon hunni, that’s not how I roll :)

Now before you think that this blog post is just a promotion for my Squarespace SEO Audit & Consulting Sessions, stay with me!

I’m tooting my own horn, yes, but I’m also sharing this to set the scene and really drive home that I’ve been doing a lot of these sessions lately and have noticed several takeaways that keep coming up.

Let’s take a look.

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