4 Squarespace templates I recommend for business websites - video tutorial

4 Squarespace templates for business websites

Have you ever visited Squarespace's website and been overwhelmed by how many templates they have? Look at them all, there are TONS of website templates to choose from! 

Here's the thing though. While there are dozens of Squarespace templates available, not all are best suited for business websites. And if that's what you're looking for, I'm here to help you sort through the available templates.

Whether you're looking to create a website for yourself or for a larger business, Squarespace has beautiful templates that you can use and customize to meet all your needs. 

Let me show you my top 4 Squarespace template recommendations for business websites!

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Top 4 Squarespace templates for business websites

In this video you will learn:

  • the top 4 Squarespace templates for business websites
  • what to look for in a business template website
  • whether blogs are supported
  • examples of how to customize web pages in each template (text, images, formatting, etc.)
  • how to include full width banner images and text on various pages

The 4 Squarespace templates I recommend for business websites

In the video, I showed you four Squarespace templates on their demo site. Here are the templates and if you click their names below, you can see the full demo sites included in the tutorial video.


Depending on the type of business you're building a website for, other templates might be a good choice too! But if you're looking to build a modern and easy to use website for your business, one of the templates outlined above would be perfect.

  1. Harris
  2. Bedford
  3. Pacific
  4. Five

Final Thoughts

There are tons of Squarespace templates available but not all templates are designed for businesses. It can be very overwhelming to search for a good fit in the template library if you don't know what to look for. Take a look at the templates I recommend for businesses and I'm sure you'll find a good fit for your business website.

Be sure to watch the video above to see my top 4 Squarespace template recommendations for business websites!

Now it's your turn to tell me what Squarespace template your website runs on? Is it a business website or for another industry? How did you decide which template to use? I'd love to know so leave me a note in the comments!

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