How to add related posts to the bottom of Squarespace blog posts - video tutorial

add related posts to squarespace blog posts | video tutorial

My friends, I've got another video tutorial coming your way today!

In today's article, I'm going to show you how to add related posts to the bottom of your Squarespace blog posts. I've included written instructions (images included, of course) to go along with the video that walks you through the process so you can learn whichever way your prefer!

Adding related posts at the bottom of your Squarespace blog posts is an important step everyone should take to make sure that their websites are running as smoothly as possible. Not only do related posts encourage your readers to stick around your site longer, it also directs them to content they might also find useful. 

You already know I'm a huge fan of Squarespace and they make the process of adding related posts super simple thanks to their click-and-fill summary blocks! There are so many ways you can customize the related posts summary blocks which is great if you want to hone in on design and the content you're providing your readers.

How to add related posts to Squarespace blog posts

Video Tutorial

Adding related posts to the bottom of your Squarespace blog posts couldn't be easier. Watch the video above or follow the instructions below. In this example, I have added a Carousel Summary Block

Step 1 : Open blog post

To add related posts to the bottom of Squarespace blog posts, the first step is to open up the blog post you wish to edit. Go to Pages > Blog > select Edit on a blog post. 

Step 2 : Add Summary Block

At the bottom of the blog post, click an Insert Point (the little icon that looks like a circle with a point on the right which appears when you hover over content or an area) and select Carousel from the Summary Block section.

Carousel Summary Block Squarespace

Step 3 : Select Blog Content

In the content tab, select Blog

Blog content carousel summary block squarespace

Step 4 : Edit the Layout

Next, toggle over to the Layout tab so that you can edit how the related posts in the carousel summary block will appear. Update the Header Text field to say "Related Posts" (or whatever you want it to say) and make any other changes you want. Personally I like to change the Aspect Ratio to 1:1 Square and leave the rest of the fields as is.

layout carousel summary block squarespace

Step 5 : Edit the Display

From here, toggle over to the Display tab and select the type of content you want displayed with each related post link. Personally, I change the number of items to 9, only show the Title & Thumbnail options, and do not display any primary or secondary metadata, which you can see in the screenshot below.

Display carousel summary block squarespace

Still on the Display tab, scroll down to the Category Filter and Tag Filter. It's important to fill this section out by selecting the Category or Tag you want to display since it's through here that you'll be directing readers to relevant content to what they're currently reading. In the screenshot below, I've selected Web Design from the Category Field so that similar posts will display in the Related section below my blog post. is block will represent posts related to the post you’re currently editing, choose a category or tag relevant to the current content.

Display Carousel Summary Block Squarespace

Step 6 : Apply to Save Changes

Click Apply to save your changes.

After you've created or edited your blog post, click Save to save the posts as a draft, or click Save & Publish to share the post immediately.

Note: You must repeat these steps for every blog post to which you want to display related posts links.

Final Thoughts

Adding related posts to each blog post is a small step that has a huge impact to your website! Not only are you providing readers with useful content, it will encourage them to stay longer on your site and really get a feel for the content you've created. It might take you a little bit of time to set up related posts the first time but rest assured, soon you'll be a speedy whiz and it'll become part of your blog writing routine!

Now it's your turn: do you use related posts in your Squarespace site? How have you set them up or customized them? Did you find this tutorial helpful? I'm trying out this new format and would love your feedback. Leave me a note in the comments!


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