How to name photos for increased SEO in Squarespace - video tutorial

How to name photos for increased SEO in Squarespace | Charlotte O'Hara | Squarespace web design

When people think about search engine optimization (SEO), many people think about including certain keywords/keyphrases in their blog posts or webpage's content. This is a great step one but unfortunately many people stop here and never make it to step two... optimizing their images for SEO!

The easiest way to optimize images for SEO is by naming them correctly.

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Good news is that this is simple to do and will not take more than a few moments of your time. And if you're uploading any type of image, photo or graphic to your website, it's worth it to name them correctly for even more SEO goodness to hit your website!

When it comes to naming your images for increased SEO, it's important to address the actual file name as well as the file name field within Squarespace's platform.

This post and video tutorial will tell you exactly why it's important to properly name images for increased SEO, how to do that with Squarespace and Canva, and how the image's name affects the description that shows up on Pinterest. 

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This article is part of my series on Squarespace SEO. I have so many tips to share on the subject that it would have been crazy to put it all in one article! There are many misconceptions about Squarespace SEO which is why I've dedicate so many posts to this topic. Enjoy!

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How to name photos for increased SEO in Squarespace

In this video you will learn:

  • Why it's important to name your images for SEO

  • How to name the actual image file with keywords

  • Where to fill out the file name on your Squarespace website

  • How that file name description gets used for Pinterest

If you want to correctly name images on your Squarespace website for increased SEO, this video tutorial will show you the exact steps to take. You can apply this to new images that you'll add to your website or blog posts, as well as go back and improve any images that are already on your website! Let's get that SEO pumping, amiright?

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Final Thoughts

Images play a major role in SEO and making sure that your website's content gets shared and seen across the internet. By taking the time to name your images, photos and graphics, you will get the added benefits of SEO when they are indexed by search engines such as Google or Bing (lol). 

It only takes a few extra steps to name your images so that they are optimized for SEO but trust me when I tell you it is worth your time!

Be sure to watch my video above to see how easy it is to name your images for improved SEO, whether you're using Squarespace or another website platform!

Now it's your turn to tell me, how do you name your website images? Do you include keywords and titles with all your image files? Have you ever gone back and updated old image names so that your website content is better primed for SEO? 

Leave me a note down in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them. No matter what type of website you have, it will benefit from SEO so I encourage you to start where you are and work on improving your SEO a little bit every week. 

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