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Favicons: how to create one in Canva and upload it to your Squarespace website - video tutorial

f you're anything like me, you dream about laser focus and working on one task at a time. However, if truth be told, you're a multi-tasker.

In my case, this shows itself all the time when I'm browsing the internet or doing work online. Take a quick look at my browser and at any given time I'll have at least half a dozen (if not more!) browser tabs open. It's a cluttered mess and it can be hard to keep track of all the websites I have open.

Here's where favicons come into play. Favicons are the small icon on each browser tab associated with a website and they're one of the quickest ways to tell websites apart when you have many tabs open. They're a way to fully distinguish and brand your website and they are a design element that should not be overlooked.

Not only are they super cute and useful, they're also incredibly easy to create and upload to your website!

I've created a short video tutorial to go along with this post to show you how easy it is to create a favicon using Canva and then how to upload it to your Squarespace website.

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