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How to prepare content for your website - video collab with Louise from Solopreneur Sidekick

We’re coming in HOT today with another (wonderful, glorious, thrilling, info-and-action-packed) video collaboration with my good friend Louise from Solopreneur Sidekick!

If you’ve ever wondered how the heck to prepare the website for your website, then my friend - you are in the right place! From the early planning stages to prepping website text/copy and deciding on the imagery and visual components, we’ve got you covered.

In this conversation, Louise and I talk about how there’s so much content to prepare for your website, whether you’re building a brand new site from scratch or working on a redesign project. Content doesn’t just come together on it’s own - nope, there’s a whole lot of strategy that goes into really good website content! Remember that your goal is to connect with your ideal audience, future clients and potential customers, and good content will get you there.

Hit play on the video or read the post below.

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A guide to the best free stock photography on the internet

One of the most important parts of any website is the visuals.

As the saying goes, "a picture says a thousand words" and this is especially true when it comes to presenting your business online. 

A good website will have smart web copy (i.e., text) but just as importantly, it will also include high-quality photography.

For many people who are starting out on their digital journey, they understand the need to include photography and images on their website but they are totally clueless on where to get those photos.

"Do I have to hire a photographer?" and "I suck at taking photos on my iPhone and I don't have a fancy camera" are things I hear every day as a web designer.

Fear not, my friend, let me introduce you to the world of stock photography. With a simple click of a button, you have access to literally thousands (millions?) of FREE high-quality, high resolution photos that you can use on your website, no strings attached.

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